Hello and welcome! I am Jenay, a mother, wife, stylist, salon owner, and a health enthusiast. I work with people every day to help them become more confident, healthier, and happier, and to help them feel beautiful inside and out. I strongly believe that taking time for yourself, and keeping your cup FULL, not only helps you but it helps the people you surround yourself with. Personally, I am a mother of three amazing boys who have LOTS of energy. If I don't stay physically active, they will run circles around me! My husband and I are usually at the baseball fields with our boys, or working in our wonderful yard and garden with our kids, our Great Dane, our Tibetan Mastiff, and our chickens. 

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After high school, I went to Northwest Missouri State for Fashion Merchandising with an emphasis in Business. While I absolutely love fashion, I eventually decided to follow my dreams, as well as my mother's footsteps, and I went to cosmetology school. A few years after graduating, my husband and I purchased Axis Salon and Day Spa. Since then, we have been working hard everyday to make our dreams become a reality! 

I found my calling with health and nutrition after my third baby was born. I was tired... I was bloated... I just didn't feel good about myself. So I decided to make a change. I got a membership at a yoga studio and I found a real passion for hot yoga. However, as time went by I found it was harder and harder to get into the studio with my busy family and work schedule. That is when I fixed up my basement and made my own workout studio. I created a space just for myself so that I could continue to work out and to fill my own cup. Since I've been dedicated to this new lifestyle, I have had so much more energy, so much more confidence, and not only am I happier and healthier, but my family is too!